Saturday, July 23, 2011

What if

If there was a picture book with these pictures, would you read it?

page 2

page 6

page 5

And if there was a song with these lyrics, would you listen to it?

she was bored
and ready for adventure
at home again
but there was something in the air that said
you are mine

he was tall
and rough around the edges
tuned in to tune out
but a goodnight kiss
oh will he dare?
this new girl

he says hey i can't believe you like that too
she says dude, i know
she was prettily playing with her hair
whats going on

the movie's on
and hes clear over there
on the other side
of the room
she sits and tries to look lonely
while trying not, to stare

she dances quietly on the car ride back
he, drums, his hands
she leans close going round the bend
smiling down, the road

he says hey we're basically cuddling
when our arms
she laughs and goes to grab his hand
he thinks you are mine
and always