Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Think That We Might Get On: Sylvia and Holden Gone Out Dancing

My Dear
Jean Caulfield

yellow painted faces
collide with your embraces
sun leaks behind my eyes
with dandilion surprise
new leaves on trees
budding possibilities
the poppler sings her song
your hand resting on my head
think i'll stay with you instead
windows down
I've never seen a frown
flying form bench to bench
and town to town
You've seen me once
lets make it twice
cuz I've never seen a boy this nice
like this
Your hands meet mine
and sun rays shine
on our necks and arms
easy to please
with just a wild breeze
and you by my side
I smile at handsome faces
The grass leaves faded traces
on bare legs and feet
Where the field and sky meet
the clouds untouched and floating high
commanding the skyline
Some things cant be talked about
Some things you're meant to shout
So I'll hold your hand in mine
and be smilin all the time
and history will unwind
Won't it, My Dear
And hey kid you should know
I'd like to have a go with you
If that's okay, My Dear

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