Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflections on My Day and the Epic Epicness of Public Education Vol. 1

     I was walking down the street towards my school, that wretched school. Yeah it's really not that bad. But it is. My chucks made a sort of shuffle as they flexed along the sidewalk, laughing at me I'm sure as I tried to hide that I was sort of limping today (due to a hyper-extension I got while playing full contact basketball with my Baxter brothers) and was trying to make it seem like I just have a hip little swagger instead of a gimpy knee. I passed by the totally granola earth science teacher with his little cartoonist librarian girl friend.
     "Hey schools out you're supposed to be headin' the other way!" he said.
     "I know it!" I said, 'swaggering' along. "I know it."
I did know it too. Who should be expected to stay in school on a day like this? It wasn't a particularly warm day, but it was marginally warmer than it had been, and I find sunshine and uncle Walt to be more cheery than that friggen Pollyanna.
I waddled back out into the sunshine after I found out that detention had been canceled for the afternoon. How fortuitous. Shoving a mixed tape full of Dylan in I drove off with my head decidedly out the window. When I walked through the door my little brother was already opening his birthday presence. Shrugging off my baggage, literal and metaphorical, I sank into a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream and Leaves of Grass. Did you know that probably 80% of the kids at school don't appreciate transcendentalism and don't know what a beatnik is? You might think that I am stretching it, but I don't think I am. Maybe, maybe I am because I haven't actually taken a poll and it might be that teenage angst influencing things but I, so far, have only found 4 people I can have a decent conversation about music and books and movies with. Calvin, Kim, Eric and Ed. That is so a band name.
On a slightly different but not totally unrelated note, I was reading, and it was saying something along these lines: Here is how to not have a career:

1. Get dumped.
2. Junk college.
3. Get a job at a record shop
4. Work at record shops forever.

You know, I don't think that really sounds so dang bad! Do you? I feel that I have fairly considerable knowledge when it comes to music, and I mean good music by the way, and would totally rock at that job. I would probably loose a lot of that take home pay on fantastic records, but I wouldn't consider that a loss. Then I got thinking about jobs. And how the majority of them suck. And how going to college might possibly blow. But that you need jobs for records and movies and apartments and food and things, and that it is hard to get a really good job these days without a degree, and I don't even have a high school diploma yet. Then I was thinking that a more appropriate question to ask on job applications wouldn't be did you graduate from high school, but rather could you graduate from high school. I think we would have a much happier work force if we did.
I'm not so sure what I'm getting at, just that school right now really seems like a waste of my time, and I wish I could get out and get to that not having a career thing. Does that sound okay to you all? Whoever you all is?


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  1. I think high school is big load of BS. Don't tell your Mother I said that!