Monday, May 10, 2010

Ten Things I hate and Ten things I love right now


1. Poorly devised educational systems

2.  When your go-gurt doesn't open cleanly

3. Idaho's shifty stinking weather

4. Realizing its almost time for you to go to work

5. When you are swinging happily along on a swing and you hit your feet on a bunch of rocks as you swing by

6. Pigeon poo

7. Work relating to school

8. Still having to be in school

9. Schoolhateitis (aka senior-itis) when you are not currently a senior

10. The Machine in general

(ha just kidding on that one. I just have to put it for the sake of putting it. Lets get our rage on).


1. A tee shirt is the original cover of Catcher in the freaking Rye on it

2. Go-Gurt

3. That little bit of sunshine- does more to cheer you up than junk food and Shirley Temple movies

4. Singing to chickens

5. Cool new blogs you find written by child prodigies

6. Cactus (the band) and their cover of Parchman Farm

7. Realizing you have the song Little Boxes being performed by Pete Seeger on your ipod right now when your 56 year old history teacher doesn't but wishes she did so she could show it to the class to point out 50's conformity issues and you coming to her rescue!

8. Wearing shirts that have Alice and Wonderland on them

9. Cupcakes!

10. Door bell ditching people...Yes I must admit I am an adrenaline junkie

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