Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today I shall grace you with another poem of my own invention. I hope it doesn't suck.


John Hughes,
Where have you gone with your visions?
Where are your students and strict no phony policy?
When will you return to the big dark screen?
Thinking about things that no one would think about,
and falling falling falling into obscurity and disappearing behind your works.
The backlit darkness that creeps along the fringes of your frames,
The ones that light up the shots people weren’t willing to talk about.
There was always that edge added to the appeal of your work.
The use of obscure british rock bands only you’ve heard of only make it better.
The use of unconvention because that is how it really happens more often than not.
The geek the nerd the jock the prep the skank the artist the know-it-all the criminal.
Who’s who in the who’s who of 2010?
Cliques are also known as a brat pack.
Your lessons haven’t left its the same kids still
Girls secretly in love with their best friends,
but who would choose Masterson over Thompson?
You still don’t care about european socialism, unless you’re already a socialist.
We will still always take the car over the computer.
Sometimes the crime of passion is not recognizing the passion in time,
cough cough Miss Andie Walsh.
So what are you still doing here?
The movie’s over.
Go home.

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