Friday, January 28, 2011

My Image Box

Since this is the first one of these, I will explain briefly my intentions: These are images that I collect that inspire me, I try to imitate, love to look at, are the best, are way cool, and look to for my own ideas for photography or art or whatever. Some times it overlaps with the post Something I or Somebody Else Wore, in the case that there are pictures of fashion related things. Really, everything is fashion related, but we'll save that for another day.
Also, those really old photographs, are these really great things called tintypes! Here is a blurb about them:
"The main advantages of the tintype were threefold: it created an unbreakable, durable, photographic image supported on an iron plate, which could be carried into hazardous conditions such as battle without breaking like the fragile daguerreotype; it was the first truly instant photograph, ready for the sitter in a few minutes; it was inexpensive, its lowered cost of production meant working class could own photographs. Indeed, the tintype remained popular at seaside resorts and county fairs well into the 20th century exactly because it was the only instant photograph available. Later, its function was replaced by instant photo booths and the Polaroid cameras in the 1950s. The tintype had one of the longest periods of popularity of any early photograph type, lasting from the mid 1850s to the 1930s mostly at county fairs."

The photography of the people! Dapper Dandies! Tramps and Vagabonds! The best Kinds!
Take a peek they are really great.

Voila mon oncle Dylan.

Cross Dressers!

This is the best one of them all. The End.

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