Monday, February 28, 2011

Highway Moustache Revisited

I realized that last time I talked about the beloved moustache that I totally failed to mention some of my favorite facial hairs! So, I am trying to remedy my horrible error here.
Feast your eyes upon these (instert synonym for 'moustache' here)!!

 (Sorry about these stupid white boxes I can't get to go away! So I'll quit trying cuz I'm lazy!)
The in-not-so-famous Curtis Eller: Banjo and gymnastics extraordinaire. Listen HERE


Grade A 'stache.

No introduction necessary. A + all around.

Yes Please.

Franklyn Zappner! I want that hair.

And these eyes brimming with mystery and crazy.

And these pig tails

And while we're at it, lets take a look at how freaking swell Mr. Dweezil Zappa is looking today. *Clap Clap*

We are supposed to be looking at Watson's perfect moustache here, but its okay if you sneak a glance at Bob Jr. over there too.

None of these really do Jude's mustache justice so I suggest you watch the movie ASAP.

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  1. I believe I shall see that flick again...A+ on the 'staches...