Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Ode to the Old Timey Strongman}

So. This is kind of an extension of my my previous moustache post but is a bit more specific: I've only featured old timey strong men. Aren't they simply fantastic? I think a career change for yours truly is in the works, no?


This! What is up with the guy being a total park bench? He's probably just trying to make fun of all those guys wearing the same outfit.

This little ad I stumbled along in my search for amazing strong men haha its really funny. Tear a telephone book in half! Lift wights with one finger! Tear a deck of cards in half! Lift man over head with one hand! (and, the personal favorite) Bend heavy spikes with your hands! And you don't even need strength! Plus, its a dollar.

{Ode to the Old Timey Strongman}

Oh, the bulging muscles in your arms,
they are ever so so lovely and large,
but that is not why I love you so,
It is the way your moustache grow grow grows.
The way you use your strength to perform masterful tricks,
your stunts, as ever, my mind transfix
but ever nimble as a mouse,
you use your strength to rip your blouse.
You lift up heavy stuff whilst people stare
You simply pose and flex your muscles so bare.
The secret to your amazing strength, no one knows,
I think it is time, you joined the pros.

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