Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Moustache Kills Facsists.

Pick Pedro
A moustache mash for your amusement. I've been collecting these moustaches for quite a while! I wish I could grow one. But I have a hormone disorder....
Ezra Pound
Ed Wood
The Tramp

Thats right. A choose your own moustache pillow.

"Too Hot to Handlebar Mug"

The worlds longest moustache.

A girl desperate to have a moustache to call her own.

The worlds most inconvenient moustache.

A Moustache Glossary

Mr. Salvador Dali

Some surrealistic moustache art

A Tom Selleck and his Side Kick

Clark Gable and his vintage 'stashe.


  1. Actually a pretty good collection...

  2. A moustache montage. Nice.
    Here's a little etymology for you:

    Moustache, also mustache, from the Middle French moustache, derived from the Italian mostaccio, derived from the Greek mystax, meaning: moustache.

    I'll let that sink in...

  3. BTW, I always dug that wicked 'stache that Pound sported (what good is an American expatriate poet without the wicked nose dangler?) but you left out the most auspicious fascist killer of all: The Sicilian-Arab-guitar-slinging-mother-of-infection-I-mean-invention, Zappa.

  4. What a charmer you are. A light stroll down mustache lane, and with music too. I always thought it meant to hide the lip-like 'must stash the lip'. That way you're less likely to get spanked for your words that flow-an offense muffler-or so the fantasy goes.

    Does it get in the way of kissing? So you can grow one? I am fascinated.